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Simply awesome! It was really really well thought.. You kept your idea flowing.. It was really great.. And entertaining.. Would be cool if there would be some sequel where he goes into a sort of 3d or coloured world or something like that.. But well..
Kickass!!! 10/10, 5/5!

\m/ hahaha

I enjoyed it, great work!


This shouldnt have a less than 5.00 Rating! and not 0.1 star less than 10.
It was simply awesome! Was worth the waiting! If I have to wait another year for an episode with that quality.. Hell yeah!
The Doomship rules xD good job there!
In general.. it kicks ass

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I really appreciate this flash and its work.. The research done and everything to complete it.. Sure, its not an animation or I cant compare graphics with flashs like Super Mario Z or whatever.. But seriously.. Writing down all those details and getting it done that well deserves respect!! Too bad I'm at university already, or I wouldve asked you if I could use your flash for a school project =P
You should do something of the human body.. maybe a skelleton, then veins, etc (well.. I think the human body is a tiny bit more complex than the universe, haha)

Really Entertaining =)

I have finished playing the game now, without the walkthrough =) and I must say, its really well done.. Maybe the first levels are kinda "Unoriginal" but after that, you held up with a good idea and you used it well.. I'm sure its not easy making a puzzle game like that. The ghost one was pretty hard, but the last theme was annoying xD
In conclusion, good job. And to those who didnt play all of it and rated bad.. Just take a look at it =) And if you dont like puzzle games at all, xD just dont try it.

OctoFlash responds:

a very helpful review, thank you! :D
i'm glad you liked it!

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Really great

Really great job!! I love composing, just all my songs have a really creepy sound.. I have more this dark harmony.. But yours is happy =D and full of positive thoughts.. Maybe someday if you want you could help me composing something more happy

^^ hahaha

I really like it xD hahahaha, made my day =P
nice nice nice

Not bad =)

I never was too much into techno or trance, but I like the arrangements ya made.
Yet I'd recommend to check your equalization in some parts. Ya have to imagine you're in a disco, and how you'd hear it if you were someone there =P
yet I give ya 5/5 and 10/10

Coda9 responds:

Thank You!
ill look at the EQ in future songs thanks!

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I love the design. It looks like an infernal Tauntaun :P but it is pretty amazing. Seriously, good job.

Admirable. I love the detail in this work, and the colouring is also pretty amazing!

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